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Co-operative Social Enterprises

A Co-operative Social Enterprise is a self-help organisation which is formed to meet a common social need of its members.

Most social enterprises are part of the not-for-profit sector of the Australian economy. Many provide services to a stakeholder group that are not the owners of the enterprise (eg social enterprises run by charities). The remainder are member benefit organisations (co-operatives, mutuals) that provide social services to the owners (members) of the enterprise.

Co-operative Social Enterprises boast the highest number and provide the widest range of services of any co-operative type in Australia. Services provided by this type of co-operative include social housing, education and training, employment services, aged care, social support, child care and health services.

A number provide services to a disadvantaged group such as the long term unemployed, low income earners, ethnic minorities, the elderly, persons with disabilites and aboriginal people. Some rely on some form of government assistance and/or community support to provide professional services to their members. More information.

A new form of social enterprise called a Social Business has emerged in Australia in recent years. A social business is a for-profit social enterprise with social objectives at its core. People and institutions invest in a social business purely for social purposes, not personal profit. Investors can gradually recoup the money they invest in the enterprise, but do not take any profits beyond that point. Unlike a co-operative, which serves a single stakeholder group, a social business shares its prosperity with all its stakeholders. More information.


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Site Map Business services Community enterprises Community buyouts Forestry Mutuals Social enterprises